19 November 2022–20 November 2022

War Child ♥ Monsterklubben

On Saturday 19 November, we invite you to a creative workshop at Marabouparken! Children participating in War Child’s programmes in Lebanon, Uganda and Colombia have previously drawn pictures on the theme What do you dream for the future? Now their work will be woven together with yours into one big work of art full of dreams! In this way, we create art across borders.

On site, the children will work with the Monsterklubbens professional educators and War Child will be on hand to talk about their work. You will also be able to try out TeamUp, one of War Child’s playful methods for psychosocial support used in the field.

On Sunday 20 November, the finished artwork will be presented at Marabou Park and at 13.00 War Child will give a lecture on its national and international work.

When: 19-20 November 13.00-16.00
Where: Marabouparken, Löfströmsvägen 8 Sundbyberg

During the weekend, the regular exhibition and restaurant will be open as usual.
The day is free for everyone but you are welcome to give a donation to War Child at the entrance!