• Exhibition photo: Jean-Baptiste Béranger
    Exhibition photo: Jean-Baptiste Béranger

Finissage: A Flora of the Moment

Sunday October 2nd 12–16 Free entrance!
At 13.00 director Helena Holmberg will hold a welcoming speech.

The artist, composer and researcher Frank Ekeberg presents his artwork Ingenmannsland featured in the exhibition and talks about his artistic practice.

Ulla West who’s been working with the parks plant since the summer of 2021 presents an upcoming cyanotype project in bookform.

Pia Sandström in conversation with one of the exhibitions curators Erik Sandberg will talk about her newly produced artwork What does the rose want?

The exhibition features the artists: James Benning, Frank Ekeberg, Ragna Misvær Grønstad, Rosalind Nashashibi, Karl Axel Pehrson, Pia Sandström och Ulla West.

On one level, the exhibition can be seen as a question about whether empathy with our surrounding world, can be a tool for establishing a more sustainable relation to nature. On another level it wants to point to the changeable, temporary and unexpected as immanent poetic qualities in nature and in art – a capacity that allow us to see reality from new perspectives and open up for hope and possibilities for transformed structures.

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A Flora of the Moment

2 July–2 October 2022