To act in an opinion

Autumn 2011 Creative School Project on Marabou Park:
In collaboration with Freinetskolan Wanderer in Rissne attended a number of students from middle school and high school in the art project with artist duo Sisters of Jam (SOJ), who was also present on the exhibition Kate Millett Farm 24/9-27/11 2011th
“1987 was the movie Dirty Dancing which beat volts on all women’s hearts. It created hysteria and broke all previous records in cinemas and on VHS utgöva. Recently was listed Dirty Dancing as number one of women’s most watched movie. Nobody plaster Baby in a corner has been one of the most famous movie quotes.
By moving the replica from its original context, we want to exploit the wide sounding board that sense possesses. Nobody plaster Baby in a corner calls for daring to TA site! Not allowing the increased violence restrict their movements in public space – to adopt an opinion. ”

Project design:

SOJ talks briefly about his public art in neon with quote Nobody plaster Baby in a corner and watch the final scene from Dirty dancing like an intro to how a konstidé may arise.

SOJ talked briefly about his show Kate Millett Farm.

What would we change?
Together, we state what students if any. are angry, and have a willingness to change. We will try to see beyond the personal sphere.
Using the laminating machine, magnets, pens and paper, we own pins and magnets with students’ own slogans.

retractable battle
Blinds were peppery with images and texts. The blinds will hang in the school lab – that’s outsized post-it notes where students’ ideas and opinions are immortalized and thereby meet others.

Cake Manifestation
We ended with a cake-manifestation “better-tasting type of demonstration.” The school and others involved were invited to a collective birthday cake. Cakes consisted of role models / quotes / her own views.

Moodboard Parkliv

In a workshop had students explore the coming of a contemporary art exhibition and how to convey it by working with Moodboard method, which is a collage approach that integrates with various materials describe a mood or feeling. Students investigated the exhibition Parkliv (28/8-7/11 2010) and contributed to the blah do audio guides to the exhibit.

Moodboard Audio Guide
Parkliv exhibition produced in collaboration with class 7C Kulturama school. Artists in the film: Martin Boyce, Matt Leiderstam, Elisabeth Westerlund, Kohei Yoshiyuki, Dave Allen and Margaret Morton.
Participating in the project: Mona Chashmgarahgoz, Frida Dagger, Janine Karlsson, Ioanna Karra, Robert Klint Frydendahl Larssen, Hannah Lang Hard-Bojling, Linn Lind, Erik Lindholm Porne, Emma Siltanen, Louis Stolk, Demi Vincefi and William Zettergren. Teacher: Staffan Nordin.
Art Teacher: Anders Lindgren.

Field Recordings of invisible worlds

In the autumn of 2010 a unique school project on the basis of the exhibition Parkliv (28/8-7/11 2010). Together with artist Christine Ödlund got students from IT college Sundbyberg try to do field studies and interceptions with a geoelektriskt measurement of the sculpture park’s invisible world.

Tuva Park and the new Strand Square

Students from Sundbyberg working out ideas for the design of Tuva Park and the new Strand Square

During spring 2011, students from Ängskolan in Sundbyberg Kulturama primary Sundbyberg go 4-6 worked in a school-building project with artist Martin Karlsson and educator Anders Lindgren. In this project, students have been working around the idea of an artistic treatment of it is not yet landscaped Strand Square beside Bällstaån.